Dora Bitsi and Elpidoforos Chrisovergis, ERKE Dream Travelers, a young couple of 28 years old, who have devoted their lives to volunteering,.


  Two years ago, under the sponsorship of ERKE, they crossed 11 African countries within 6 months, offering voluntarily their help to foundations, orphanages and other charities. 

  On 11th11, 2015, go alongwith ERKE, Elpis and Dora started their new project entitled as “Asiaquest” . Theiraim is to travel in ten countries of Southeast Asia (India, Nepal, Thailand,Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and China) within six months, withtheir rucksacks being their unique equipment.
  Last month, Elpis and Dora foundthemselves in Nepal, a country hit by a huge earthquake in April 2015. Assistedby the 239 volunteers and YUWA, a local NGO, they established the“ TheGreenhouseProject“in Takure, a village where 99% of the houses have been destroyed. 

(Aspect of the village destroyed by the Earthquake)
  After working full-time on a daily basis forthree weeks and raising the 5.500 € required for the construction of thegreenhouse, they finally created a huge greenhouse containing coffee andavocado trees, which are distributed to the local people to cultivate them,sell them and on this way, gained an income that would enable them to buildtheir houses again.

  As they claimed, travelling constitutesthe best educational means for Dora and Elpidoforos, as it has given themfeelings they have never had before.

  You can read about their travelexperiences at DREAMTRAVELIVE.COM.