What's the hottest topic this summer?

  Olympics! Exactly!

  Athletes all departed for Rio and the coming “battles”
  These days, a team with
  “TO BE NO.1”Spirit was on the road.
  To attend the quadrennial appointment with Olympics
  It was the Croatian team.
  Fully equipped with ERKE uniforms,
  The team will go all out
  For the dreams and expectation.
  It is reported the Croatian delegation will send 84 athletes to participate in 16 events including 10 athletes for the track and field events, and another 7 athletes for the shooting competitions.
  Besides,9 of the 84 athelets were the medal winners including Olympic and world champion Sandra Perkovic who participates in women's discus, women's high jump champion Vlasic, etc; men's water polo and men's handball team that won the gold medal and bronze medal in the London Olympics will also attend the game.

  Olympic committee leaders and athlete were giving the presentations before departure 
  With Strength
  All is to break the query
  With Sweat
  All is to reward the glory
  ERKE cheers for those who are fighting for dreams
  And wishes a complete success for all athletes !