Qiu Qiang Stood out from the Miss Universe China 2017


  At the end of the final of the Miss Universe Competition China 2017,Qiu wei, a model of ERKE, won the champion through her persistent efforts. She proved herself with her competence and endeavor and had the spotlight focused on her. 

  Thousands of audiences were thrillingly moving their glow sticks for her. It is endeavor that makes Qiu Qiang beautiful. ERKE congratulates her on her success. 

   There is no shortcut to success. Perseverance is the spirit that Qiu Qiang always bears in mind during her training. Physical workout is the secret to her success.

  As the saying goes: no pains, no gains. She must have prepared for many years before won the champion. On the road to be No.1, she has been improving herself, trying to be better than she was yesterday. 

  As "the first lady of ERKE", we believe firmly that she will keep pushing her limits and probabilities will most likely play in her favor.