ERKE Partners up with WTA Tianjin Open Tournament




  WTA Tianjin open tournament is an amazing event. The short span of 4 years has witnessed so many miracles. In the game, some made their way to the final, and some got their dreamed champions.


  Though the WTA Tianjin open tournament just began 4 years ago, it has developed so fast that it has become an international feast for tennis lovers. So far, it has gained highly recognition from WTA and tennis players. 


  In 2016, Chinese tennis players also took active part in the game. One of Chinese tennis players called Peng Shuai impressed us by her outstanding performance in the game, winning two champions both in singles and doubles after 3 rounds of fierce matches against her counterparts.


  In 2017, the game kicked off again. Under the support of ERKE , WTA Tianjin open tournament presented a spectacle of tennis race to its audiences.



   Tennis has been like blood running through the vein of ERKE since 2005.It’s been 8 years since ERKE first sponsored Asia top-notch men’s tennis match. During the period of time, ERKE not only provided professional sport gears for both players and staffs of the events, but also launched a selection for kids players of ball game to help those children fulfill their dreams.


  The attitude toward sport ERKE advocated is to persevere for the constanten thusiasm. Perseverance results in victory. ERKE will persist in the journey of tennis, and create different historic moment in the future. TO BE No.1!