Soft-opening of ERKE Stores in Mashhad & Tehran, Iran



  TEJARAT Atlas RAFIEI Company as the official representative of ERKE products in Iran. Recently, opened two stores in Mashhad and Tehran, they are in the soft opening from 13th April.

  In the coming days, the exact time of the official opening of each of these stores will be revealed, along with a large ceremony, the presentation of gifts and public catering will be held, and we hope this is a fascinating start for the ERKE adventure in Iran.


  After the official opening of the stores in Mashhad and Tehran, the membership card will be awarded to all buyers then who will receive the VIP card by reaching the specified purchase ceiling and will be able to use the special services of the ERKE in IRAN.

  Sales will take place until the official opening with 20% offs and will continue until a few days after the opening.
  In less than 6 months, another branch of ERKE is scheduled to open in Tehran, although larger plans are in the future but talking about the branch in northern Tehran can be considered definitive.
  From the start of the soft opening so far, we have received positive feedback from our customers, the prices were reasonable, and the lightness and softness of the shoes were remarkable for the customer.

  This is only the beginning of the ERKE in Iran. In the future, it is certain that with the activity of more stores in IRAN, we can take great steps in introducing ERKE products and satisfying more customers in Iran.