IN THE PRIME! ERKE Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Erke, leading sports brand in China, celebrates its 20th Anniversary on July 2nd in Xiamen, China.

Mr. Dennis Wu, Chairman of erke group, delivered a speech during the ceremony, recalling the tough but ongoing history of erke brand from beginning of start-up with a small factory and “negative equity” until expanding the brand across countrywide in China and also exploring to different corners in the world.

In his speech, Mr. Wu shared the group’s new strategy in the coming years in terms of “People, Products and Place”, by motivating the management and staff turning into the roles of business operators, creating more innovative and hi-tech products and building up powerful and comprehensive channel network all over the world. Mr.Wu also encouraged all management and staff of erke to “BOW IN THE GAME”, dare to take the responsibilities, determined to build erke as the leading sports brand globally.

Established in 2000, the 20 years-old brand is in the prime, and developed into one of the leading sports brand in China with over 7000 stores national wide and more than 1000 points of sales overseas, in 2019, the brand value of ERKE exceeded 4.5 billion USD, and it was once again listed as “China’s Top 500 Most Valuable Brand” in 2019.

The company also awarded outstanding employees who have served the group for more than 10 years as well as royal distributors and suppliers who cooperated with erke over the 2 decades

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