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ERKE Unveils Third Youth Design Competition: Celebrating Chinese Spirit Through Sportswear Innovation
Brand April 19, 2024

Recently, ERKE, in collaboration with the China Fashion Designers Association and the Organizing Committee of China International Fashion Week, launched the third ERKE  Youth Co-creation Design Competition.

The competition aims to discover and nurture young design talent, showcasing their work globally and fostering domestic design talent. With the theme of "Shining Stars"  and focusing on sportswear, it highlights Chinese heroes and empowers individuals to be their own heroes.
6384913146733294662936420.jpgThe judging panel consists of top domestic experts and design masters, ensuring high-quality entries. Winning designs will be featured at China International Fashion Week and overseas fashion events, promoting the rise of young Chinese design talent.

ERKE's commitment to fostering young design talent has earned it the title of "Popular National Sports Brand." The competition will continue to evolve, nurturing outstanding young designers and leading them to international recognition.
816fe196gy1hobeg7cgujj23341r7x6q.jpgThe competition's theme, "Shining Stars," aims to uncover heroic figures from China's past and present, empowering individuals to be their own heroes and showcasing    chinese spirit and strength in a trendy manner.
816fe196gy1hobegc9vc9j23n92fikjn.jpgERKE's goal is to integrate innovative designs with Chinese culture into contemporary sportswear, reflecting the aesthetic of Chinese youth and creating a new trend in sports fashion.
816fe196gy1hobegf3242j23kh2dnhdu.jpgAs China transitions to a new era of development, the competition plays a crucial role in discovering and cultivating innovative young designers who can meet the demands  of the modern market.
This year, the competition will focus on cultivating outstanding young designers from universities, providing them with opportunities to enhance their skills and showcase their work internationally.
ERKE's dedication to "creating together" with young designers aligns with its strategy of serving the needs of the nation's sports enthusiasts. The company will continue to  innovate its products and technologies to meet the evolving demands of the market.
816fe196gy1hobegf3242j23kh2dnhdu.jpgThrough initiatives like the ERKE Youth Co-creation Design Competition, ERKE aims to promote Chinese culture and tell the story of China through innovative designs, fostering a new generation of Chinese design talent.
816fe196gy1hobiuftubdj24mo2lrnpg.jpgERKE's collaboration with the China Fashion Designers Association and the Organizing Committee of China International Fashion Week for the third ERKE Youth Co-creation Design Competition embodies the company's commitment to promoting Chinese design talent and showcasing the vitality of Chinese youth design to the world.