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Innovation and Service: ERKE's 303 Sports Technology Day
NEWS CENTER March 19, 2024

With the country’s high emphasis on sports, domestic sports brands are constantly pursuing upgrades and breakthroughs. How to better focus on new productive forces, deeply cultivate sports technology research and development, and meet the sports needs of the people, is currently an important mission and topic for enterprises. As a staunch supporter and practitioner of the sports power and healthy China strategy, ERKE recently launched its annual 303 Sports Technology Day in Shanghai. In order to more comprehensively help the national sports, practice the national brand mission, ERKE’s “Born for National Sports” brand strategy has been fully upgraded, and at the same time officially launched the “National Sports Assistance Plan”, with sports equipment closer to the national sports scene, and more suitable for national sports. The supporting sports service system creates a national sports ecosystem, helps national sports, and protects national health.


It is reported that the event was attended by a large number of guests, including Wu Rongzhao, Chairman of ERKE Industries, Jiang Nanchun, Chairman of Focus Media, Sun Yingjie, a Chinese track and field marathon athlete, Wu Xie, a professor at the Sports Skills Research Center of Shanghai Sports Institute, and a key member of the National Key R&D Project of Science and Technology Winter Olympics, coaches, professional runners, and hundreds of media friends and fans. They discussed how the national brand can deeply insight into the national sports needs, conform to the trend of the times, continuously innovate technology, and help the vigorous development of China’s sports cause, and contribute to the realization of the dream of a sports power.

Strategy release, fully create a national sports ecosystem! ERKE, as a staunch supporter and practitioner of the sports power and healthy China strategy, always insists on meeting the sports needs of the people as the brand’s original intention. At the opening of the 303 Sports Technology Day event, Wu Rongzhao, Chairman of ERKE Industries, officially released the brand’s new upgrade strategy and launched the “Sports Assistance Plan”, which fully upgraded the brand, products and services. As Wu Rongzhao said, ERKE is not only a heavy responsibility, but also the driving force for the brand to continue to rise! I hope that ERKE’s products are not just a pair of shoes, a piece of clothing, but also represent ERKE’s attitude towards serving national sports, a kind of initial heart. " Every brand strategy upgrade of ERKE is a deeper shaping of the relationship with consumers. It can be seen that the future “Born for National Sports” ERKE will focus more on the national sports needs, continue to deeply explore the national sports scene, promote new productive forces with technological innovation, and create a professional sports equipment matrix with ingenuity to meet the public’s diversified and personalized sports needs. , Help the new journey of national sports development.


INFINITE PRO officially released, dragon fruit product matrix blessing professional track At present, ERKE has served 30 million+ runners, focusing on technological innovation and accelerating the development of new productive forces. As Wu Rongzhao, Chairman of ERKE, said: ‘New productive forces’ is the productive force of the new state, and for the entire sports industry, it is the productive force that plays a leading role with new materials, new technologies, and new technologies. ERKE collects and studies the data of tens of thousands of people’s foot types in service practice, which injects more powerful vitality and runner spirit into the development of products. Whether it is the country’s first park running shoes around the park scene, or the HUMBLE, FEARLESS, QIXI and other series of professional basketball equipment focusing on the basketball sports scene, it is undoubtedly the solid foundation of ERKE’s intensive cultivation of the national sports ecosystem. With the popularization and widespread participation of mass sports, the future running shoe market will also reach a scale of 100 billion. In this huge blue ocean market, what awaits ERKE is an exciting era opportunity. At this event, ERKE successively released a variety of professional sports new products including running shoes and clothing. Among them, the most eye-catching ERKE’s new flagship competition-level product-“INFINITE PRO” officially went on the market. This running shoe not only has the top performance of the innovative development of the full palm carbon plate, but also the dragon fruit color from the “dopamine” trend makes its appearance reach the peak of sports fashion “pet shoes”! The INFINITE series is an iterative product that ERKE has meticulously developed for Chinese runners’ speed races. Among them, INFINITE has been on the market for 8 months, helping Chinese runners to stand on the podium nearly a hundred times, 32 times to win the championship, INFINITE 2 was sold out as soon as it was listed, and the INFINITE PRO released this time has been upgraded and strengthened in terms of rebound, propulsion, and stability. , It uses top-grade TPEE sheet foam, the rebound performance reaches 80%, the energy feedback is 90%, and the full-palm shovel-type carbon plate design also increases the propulsion force by 14.3%, and it is more stable. From INFINITE 1 to INFINITE 2, to today’s release of INFINITE PRO, in just one year, ERKE has perfected the INFINITE series speed line products. The ERKE Hongxing Dragon Fruit product matrix released on this 303 Sports Technology Day includes professional speed running shoes INFINITE 2, professional physical examination shoes JIFENG 2, flexible running guard basketball shoes QIXI generation, the first millennium jogging shoes Hongyu, speed training running shoes JINGCHEN and other products, all have dragon fruit color styles, and the performance is stronger than the previous generation.


Not long ago, ERKE accurately positioned the scene needs of the national running population, created the first park running shoes, hit the pain point, and opened a new era of running. After several years of careful layout, ERKE’s running shoe matrix has covered various types of running groups and different scene needs, which can fully meet the diversified sports demands of Chinese runners. This is also the first time ERKE has launched a stable line product represented by the park scene, focusing on the daily sports needs of the people, and launching a series of comfortable, safe, and protective core function park running shoe matrix to cope with the multi-terrain road conditions of the park and meet the daily park sports of the people. Demand; in addition, ERKE continues to upgrade the co-creation mechanism in the basketball category, providing Chinese basketball enthusiasts with professional basketball equipment in all scenes and multiple styles including Humble, Fearless, and Qixi, and continues to land Hongxing Ball Bureau in various places to help campus sports development. In addition, based on the high attention and unremitting pursuit of the runner’s sports experience, ERKE continues to increase the research and development efforts of functional fabrics, focuses on technological breakthroughs, and creates professional sports equipment that is on par with international standards. This 303 Sports Technology Day also launched a variety of professional fabric technologies including safety, comfort, light weight, and renewable, and released a variety of latest technology sports clothing from running vests, shorts, to sports tights, skin clothes, etc. Among them, ERKE’s world record “Polar Cloud Ice Cotton” ice-sensing T-shirt was also officially released. It can be used for runners from professional speed to daily training, park jogging and other high-frequency use sports scenes, so that the comfort of sports experience is greatly improved, thereby better protecting the health of national sports!


Start the National Sports Assistance Plan, protect national health ERKE, as a staunch supporter and practitioner of the sports power and healthy China strategy, behind its “Born for National Sports” strategic upgrade, is a deep insight into the national sports needs for more than 20 years, and deep cooperation with domestic runner groups and professional sports institutions. Everywhere shows ERKE’s real and low-key attitude towards serving national sports, a kind of initial heart that sticks to the original intention. Every technical research and development of each sports single product is inseparable from ERKE’s precise grasp and deep insight into the national sports needs. In order to quickly improve the establishment of the national sports service system, ERKE officially launched and launched the “National Sports Assistance Plan” at the event site, relying on provincial, municipal and district-level road running associations, landing national sports classrooms in more than 50 cities across the country, and forming a national sports coaching team. , Provide personalized and scientific sports training programs for national runners through professional skills and training guidance. With the help of this plan, ERKE will create a national sports ecosystem that integrates shopping, experience, social interaction and services for national sports in the future. While helping Chinese runners improve their sports performance, it can also effectively prevent sports injuries, exercise more scientifically, continue to protect national health, and at the same time, ERKE adheres to the spirit of craftsmanship, attaches importance to technological innovation, and established the country’s first CNAS national-level certification shoe and clothing testing agency. , Join hands with the national-level sports biomechanics research center, let solid technology become the solid foundation for ERKE to build up high-rise buildings. ERKE always maintains the service initial intention of being born for national sports, and helps the high-quality rapid development of the national sports cause.