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ERKE's Polar Cloud Ice Cotton Cooling T-shirt Achieves World Record Certification
Corporate December 21, 2023

816fe196gy1hlaug68mw7j21900u0k03.jpgGlobal certification marks another technological breakthrough! On December 29th, ERKE's latest technological product, the 'Polar Cloud Ice Cotton' Cooling T-shirt, underwent official review by the World Record Certification Authority (WRCA) and was recognized as the 'Cotton T-shirt with the Longest Duration of Continuous Cooling (below 27°C) in the World.' This not only signifies another achievement in ERKE's technological research and development but also marks a resounding step for Chinese products onto the world stage.


During the certification ceremony, Maxim, the official from the World Record Certification Authority, presented the world record certificate to ERKE's Chairman Wu Rongzhao, with attendees witnessing this moment of glory together.

Setting a new record in the clothing industry with world-class certification

The World Record Certification Authority (WRCA) is a globally recognized institution for record certification. Through a scientific, professional, fair, and rigorous evaluation process conducted by global experienced certifiers and big data centers, it confirms that the applied product or project possesses the attribute of being the 'world's best.'

As a representative of Chinese products, ERKE has consistently pushed boundaries in design and innovation, empowering products with technology to create a new era of technological Chinese goods. The ERKE 'Polar Cloud Ice Cotton' Cooling T-shirt, after rigorous evaluation and assessment by the World Record Certification Authority (WRCA), demonstrated a maximum temperature of 27°C after 60 minutes of continuous cooling performance testing post 5 washes. It has been confirmed as the 'Cotton T-shirt with the Longest Duration of Continuous Cooling (below 27°C) in the World.' This certified world record case will be featured in the 'World Record Encyclopedia' and showcased in the World Record Certification Authority's official cultural museum.

Chairman Wu Rongzhao stated during the ceremony, "This is another new achievement for ERKE on the road of technological innovation and a brand-new breakthrough for the rise of Chinese brands in technology."


As a national sports brand, ERKE has always prioritized consumer needs and product innovation, constantly striving for breakthroughs through market insights. Faced with the fact that most cooling fabrics on the market focus on instant cooling functionality, ERKE's research and development team focused on user pain points, breaking through established limitations. They extended the duration of cooling, balanced breathability and skin-friendliness, and enhanced product comfort, ultimately developing the 'Polar Cloud Ice Cotton' Cooling T-shirt.


Zhu Shaofang, Vice Chairman of the China Fashion Designers Association, commented, "This world record certification is a significant affirmation of ERKE's long-term technological innovation and practical exploration, opening up new avenues for innovation and development in the Chinese apparel brand."

Focusing on technological innovation to showcase brand technological strength


In this era of technological advancement, the importance of innovation is more pronounced. As a representative of Chinese products, ERKE has consistently broken through innovations in design and research, using technology to empower products and create new technological Chinese goods. Whether it's the 'Polar Cloud Ice Cotton' certified this time or professional sports equipment in various fields, ERKE insists on using technological strength to break down product boundaries, explore more product vitality, and bring consumers more high-quality products.


Born for the national sports movement, comprehensively promoting new industry development

A national brand for the people! The world-record-certified 'Polar Cloud Ice Cotton' is also a latest interpretation of ERKE actively practicing the brand strategy of 'born for the national sports movement.' In the future, ERKE will continue to use technology to showcase the new power of national goods, enhance the influence of Chinese smart manufacturing with the brand, and drive high-quality development in the sports industry through innovation."