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ERKE Brand Value Surpasses 50 Billion, Breaking New Records!
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Brand July 01, 2023

In June 2023, ERKE achieved a groundbreaking milestone as its brand value exceeded 50 billion, as announced in the World Brand Lab's list of China's Top 500 Most Valuable Brands. Joining the ranks alongside renowned enterprises like Huawei and Tencent, ERKE showcased China's formidable ascent in the global brand arena. This accomplishment reflects ERKE's continuous efforts in brand building, driving high-quality transformation, and achieving sustained development.

357377704_664592369045954_1640902732901565301_n.jpgIn recent years, ERKE has consistently enhanced its professional sports gear to meet the diverse needs of the general public. Empowering products with technology, ERKE has developed unique platforms based on resilience, elasticity, and energy. Through innovative technologies, materials, and craftsmanship, ERKE has introduced standout products such as "α-FLEX" and "Juechen," notably the "CUTTING-EDGE" running shoes, INFINITE 1.0. In just three months on the market,
it assisted athletes in securing victory on the podium 42 times, with 21 championship victories, including Chinese marathon national team athlete Li Zhixuan clinching the national championship.
Zhi Jing 1.0 received accolades, being recognized as an excellent case of technology-enabled product strength by Xinhua News Agency. It also topped various rankings, including "JD Marathon Running Shoe Chart TOP1," "Tmall Racing Running Shoe Hot Selling Chart TOP1," and "Dewu Commodity Hot Search Chart TOP2," achieving both critical acclaim and high sales.
As a sports brand, ERKE has deeply engaged in the runner's ecosystem, contributing to the healthy development of running sports. Beyond iterating technology in products, ERKE collaborates with the Shanghai University of Sport, demonstrating innovative empowerment and continually enhancing product optimization in the professional sports apparel domain, achieving new heights.
From outward exploration to internal breakthroughs, ERKE has established itself as a brand with robust product strength. Through market experiences, it has refined its product matrix, creating a new advantage with high-quality products, channels, and services. ERKE consistently propels its own high-quality development, using its strength to interpret brand value. Moving forward, ERKE is committed to maintaining industry leadership, fostering innovation, and co-creating with consumers, youth, and runners to chart a new course for development.


357390092_664595239045667_6601981907869317659_n.jpg357390092_664595239045667_6601981907869317659_n.jpgBrand innovation is not solely a battlefield for enterprises; consumers are the true shapers and users of a brand. ERKE embraces the "To Be No.1" brand spirit, integrating technology and co-creation into the overarching trend of era development. Firmly anchored in the "co-creation" design philosophy, ERKE collaborates with the youth, runners, and consumers to forge a new path of development.
Brand, as an intangible asset of an enterprise, finds its concrete manifestation in brand value, a reflection of its competitive strength. ERKE's achievement of a 500-billion brand value is both a breakthrough and an opportunity. Seizing this momentum, ERKE embarks on a comprehensive upgrade. In the future, ERKE remains true to its initial aspirations, sharing the Chinese story, delivering high-quality products and services to consumers, and fulfilling the mission of satisfying people's yearning for a better sports life. ERKE aims to showcase the strength of Chinese brands to the world!