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ERKE Empowers "Backpack Basketball Team" to Pursue Their Hoop Dreams
Corporate Society Responsibility December 19, 2023

In Longmen Township, Meigu County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, with an altitude of nearly 3000 meters, there are a group of children who love basketball at Galle,

Ermaqian, and other primary schools. When the school grounds couldn't accommodate basketball matches, volunteer teachers spontaneously organized inter-school leagues.

With backpacks carrying basketballs, they crossed four or five high mountains, walking for about 10 hours round trip, to play "away" games at sister schools, honing their basketball skills together,

earning them the title of "Backpack Basketball Team."


This December, ERKE teamed up with D-Wade, stepping into Liangshan, Sichuan, providing basketball shoes, basketball kits, and other professional sports equipment to the "Backpack Basketball Youth,"  helping children deep in the

mountains to realize their basketball dreams.

Thanks to this act of kindness, the children had their own team name "Red Tiger Youth" and emblem for the first time. They welcomed their first home game at the new court, facing off against their

formidable rivals, the Liangshan "Black Hawk Youth" team.


Amidst youthful cheers, the children displayed their skills in offense, defense, passing, and shooting, each determined effort shining brightly.

Teacher He Zhenzhen, who has been volunteering for over four years, said, "Children in the mountains have relatively few recreational activities. They naturally love basketball. Basketball is the second classroom for mountain children, helping them build confidence from within, learn teamwork and cooperation, and actively seek solutions when faced with difficulties.

Regardless of winning or losing, there is always something gained."

"For mountain children, basketball represents an educational philosophy, helping them build confidence and providing a path to a broader world," said Du Yiming, founder of Liangshan Charity.

"Basketball is a spark that needs more people to ignite together."



A national brand for the nation! This year, we launched the "Dream Public Welfare Plan" for Yuanbao Primary School, supporting rural education and industrial development. We initiated the

" Giant Panda Guardian Plan," joining hands with the Qinling Giant Panda Research Center to lifelong protect the panda "Qizai," and donated bamboo to the Qinling panda habitat through the

China Greening Foundation to safeguard the ecosystem. Additionally, as an official partner, we organized a series of public welfare basketball events such as the "Village BA China Tour," donating

basketball courts to rural areas, contributing to the revitalization of rural sports...

The journey of public welfare continues! In the future, ERKE will continue to focus on youth sports and healthy development, using technological equipment to help young people unleash their full

athletic potential, assisting more children who love basketball to realize their dreams and shine brightly on their home court.