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ERKE Vietnam Sponsors VKL KIDS RUN 2024
Brand June 03, 2024
🎉🏃💨Fun and Joy Fly on Children's Day! The "VKL KIDS RUN 2024," exclusively sponsored by ERKE Vietnam and organized by VKL Running Club, dazzlingly kicked off at Hanoi's Long Bien Park! 🎊🌟
Along a vibrant 4.4km track, the little participants lit up the scenery with their steps and giggles, each stride marking growth, courage, and perseverance. 👟🍃 From the thrill of the starting line to the tears of triumph at the finish, children earned their completion honors and well-deserved sports prizes from ERKE, recognizing their resilience.




Through this event, ERKE Vietnam VKL Running Club not only shared the joy of sports and a healthy lifestyle but also reinforced its commitment to children's healthy growth, aspiring for more kids to discover themselves and flourish through sports in the days ahead.





Together, we eagerly anticipate the next VKL KIDS RUN, continuing our journey with the kids towards the finish line of dreams and happiness!


🌟💖 And to all the children around the world, may you grow strong and healthy under the light of love and dreams, with every day filled with joy and wonders of exploration. 🌈✨

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