Product Research Laboratory- E.K-Lab

E.K-Lab is an innovative product research laboratory built by ERKE group based on its 20 years deep cultivation in the sports industry in the "First year of 2020 science and technology" and based on tens of millions of consumer data accumulation and cutting-edge sports data analysis every year. As a place where cutting-edge sports technology collides with product expression, the products in this laboratory have both innovation, cutting-edge sports technology and unlimited possibilities.

From Lab to WorldDriving Performance with Innovation

ERKE took the lead in establishing the first domestic product R & D and tech research center, the first national Shoes and Apparel Testing Center certified by CNAs in the industry, and cooperated with the world's top sports research institutions to build a domestic top biomechanics laboratory. In 2017, ERKE was awarded "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise" by the State Intellectual Property Office. By October 2021, ERKE had obtained 283 patents, including 51 invention patents.

ERKE Supply Chain

Build a national leading intelligent logistics management system

In order to quickly respond to the market demand and enable new products to reach the sales terminal for the first time, ERKE continues to optimize internal processes, improve the level of logistics distribution, and continue to build up a fast, efficient, timely, and accurate logistics supply system.

ERKE has 3 Business Departments, 2 central warehouses, 4 regional warehouses, 1 branch warehouse, and 7 transit warehouses across the country, with a total area of 328,000 square meters, each warehouse has realized the "Specialization, Centralization, and Intelligence" of cargo management and transportation by the use of WMS and WCS intelligent management systems.

ERKE Production Bases

ERKE has been committed to building modern industrial production bases with complete functions and standardized management, ERKE has established 8 production bases located in Fujian, Sichuan, Henan, etc. after years of efforts. The annual production capacity of shoes is about 60 million pairs, and the production capacity of apparel is about 20 million sets.

Production Lines

Facing a new round of development opportunities and practicing the development concept of "Interconnection, Intelligence and Green", ERKE has built a number of intelligent hoisting production lines in Changtai (APPAREL) and other new production bases, the output of each workstation and the quality of each process on each production line are monitored in real-time through the data sharing visual function, and each produced product is given a unique identity bar code, which makes each product traceable from produce to sale.