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ERKE Chairman Wu Rongzhao attends Cai Chongxin Charity Foundation's '2023 Build Character through Sports' Forum
Brand December 15, 2023

Discussing youth sports and education, ERKE emphasizes the integration of sports and career development.
Chairman Wu advocates for a strong nation through sports, especially focusing on youth. The forum aims to enhance youth sports education, contribute to character-building experiences, and improve talent development in sports. Wu expresses ERKE's dedication to making sports enjoyable for all, introducing innovative park running shoes tailored to public preferences.
20231219151305_3281.jpgERKE's commitment to social responsibility is evident in initiatives like the 'Dream Charity Program,' supporting rural education through a yearly run-to-donate campaign. Recent sponsorships, including the 'Chasing the Wind Project,' empower youth and fulfill sports dreams.

Wu highlights ERKE's efforts in promoting a nationwide fitness trend, aligning with the new strategy, 'Born for National Sports,' emphasizing professional and comfortable sportswear for everyone.

Wu shares ERKE's support for the 'Dream Charity Program,' converting yearly running miles into a fund for Yuen Bao Elementary School's football team in Guizhou.

ERKE sponsors Yuen Bao Girls' Football Team in the 'Chasing the Wind Project,' aiding their achievement of second place.

Wu emphasizes ERKE's involvement in grassroots sports, such as donating equipment to Liangshan Backbasketball Team, inspiring dreams for young basketball enthusiasts.


Looking ahead, ERKE pledges ongoing support for youth sports, contributing to better sports environments and China's high-quality sports development.

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