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Exploring the Boundless in the Technology-Driven Sportswear Brand
Corporate December 15, 2020

On December 14, 2020, the ERKE Logistics AGV project initiation ceremony took place at the ERKE Changtai Warehouse. The use of robots to replace manual labor not only enhances inventory accuracy and outbound capabilities but also triples the efficiency of picking personnel. From placing an order to shipment now takes only 2 minutes, meeting the demands for efficient operations. This marks ERKE's further advancement in the field of smart logistics, entering the era of Smart Logistics 2.0. The implementation of the AGV warehouse business holds significant significance for improving the operational efficiency of logistics and new retail.
1608100384208.jpgThe global economy has entered the era of supply chains, where competition between companies is transforming into competition between the supply chains they operate in. In the era of intelligent manufacturing, creating a smart and efficient supply chain is a key factor for manufacturing companies to gain a competitive advantage. The initiation of ERKE's AGV smart logistics will change the way businesses operate, driving the entire supply chain's reconstruction and iteration.
Embarking on a shared journey with over 7,000 stores and the interconnected youth, ERKE sets sail once again in the era of intelligence
1608100384214.jpg As a brand with over 7,000 stores, ERKE's advantages in offline consumer scenarios are evident. However, with online consumption becoming the norm, the current sales model is presenting a scenario of "fast and accurate," where consumers' demands for delivery speed are becoming increasingly stringent, and instant delivery has become a core competitiveness for major e-commerce platforms and retail brands.
1608100384498.jpgTo address the industry's overall transformation and changing customer consumption patterns, ERKE initiated the iterative management of its corporate production chain since 2013. Starting with only one production base in Quanzhou, Fujian, it expanded to include production bases in Tong'an and Changtai, Fujian, and Anyue and Santai in Sichuan. Combining production and logistics bases has reduced the transfer process, shortening the distance between product production and consumers.

ERKE's Changtai E-commerce Industrial Park is the first national sports footwear and apparel enterprise to operate based on the design principles of "Interconnected, Intelligent, and Green." It features 25,000 VNA box storage locations, 73,000 loft-type storage units, and an annual throughput of up to 5.6 million boxes. The warehousing model is quietly changing from human-driven to AI-empowered intelligent warehousing. In the AGV smart warehouse, the entire storage area is dynamic, allowing the system to send instructions to AGV robots based on historical data analysis. AGV robots can achieve automated precise positioning and transportation, carrying goods weighing up to 600kg. This shift from human walking to robot-driven operations helps reduce labor costs and improve picking efficiency, inventory accuracy, and outbound efficiency.
As AGV robots emerge as the primary warehousing solution for future logistics, their supporting equipment is expected to become a major trend in logistics operations. Due to the challenges faced by the retail industry amid the pandemic, solving warehousing and logistics issues in a timely manner to ensure consumers receive goods promptly has become a strategic focus of ERKE's "Technology, New National Goods" initiative this year.
Exploring the Boundless in the Technology-Driven Sportswear Brand

Undoubtedly, future supply chain management will become increasingly intelligent. For ERKE, continuing to optimize its logistics supply chain capabilities and building larger and faster logistics capabilities will be an indispensable path for laying out new retail. Simultaneously, it provides guidance for the company's next-stage upgrade and transformation. With the gradual maturity of AGV smart factories, ERKE's intelligent logistics is reaching a new level, enhancing its online retail combat capability through intelligent technology.

ERKE's strategy is driving brand upgrades and transformations across the dimensions of supply chain, brand, product, channel, and marketing, deeply analyzing new retail. The brand is constructing a comprehensive link between products and services based on consumers' lifestyles, achieving the deep connection of "where consumers are, there is the brand." Emerging from the chaotic period of the entire footwear and apparel industry, ERKE has become a representative brand of technology-driven new national goods through the upgrading of technological products and intelligent models. With such a significant brand elevation, ERKE provides an excellent case for achieving a comprehensive increase in brand value. It is believed that this brand will continue to explore, bringing technological products and digital smart factories to create more surprises for consumers and the sports industry.